Audit Committee


Audit Committee members are:

Independent Members   Michael Bails, Chris Howis and Greg Holman

Council Members  Cr Bettcher, Cr Hamilton

The Audit Committee meets quarterly in the Council Chambers, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker (Mount Barker Homemaker Centre).

The meeting dates for 2017 are 16 February, 20 April, 15 June, 17 August and 19 October.

An agenda is available for inspection 3 clear days prior to the meeting in the Customer Service area of the Council Office. Agendas and minutes are also posted below. Minutes are available 5 days after the meeting.

Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee have been established.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference(179 kb)


Audit Committee Minutes/Agendas

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August 17 2017
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda 17 August 2017 Agenda
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 17 August 2017 Minutes
June 15 2017
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda 15 June 2017 Agenda
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 15 June 2017 Minutes
April 24 2017
.pdf Special Audit Committee Agenda 24 April 2017 Agenda
.pdf Special Audit Commitee Minutes 24 April 2017 Minutes
April 20 2017
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda 20 April 2017 Agenda
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 20 April 2017 Minutes
February 16 2017
.pdf Audit Committee Agenda 16 February 2017 Agenda
.pdf Audit Committee Minutes 16 February 2017 Minutes
6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
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