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Pedestrians are the largest single group of road users and the most vulnerable road user. The provision of pedestrian facilities is important and many requests (apart from maintenance) are received by Council, either for the construction or upgrade including replacement of footpath facilities. Council is also developing an asset management plan and Transport Master Plan that will include the management of the existing footpath network and determination of whole of life costs.

In 2010 Council completed a condition assessment and from that devloped a program for maintenance and construction.


2016/2017 Footpath Works Program

At the meeting on 4 July 2016, Council endorsed the annual budget which included funds to construct footways in the following locations:

 Road Name


Location of Footpath

Auricht Rd Spring Ct to Auricht Rd Left Side Hahndorf
Pine Av From Concrete Paved Footpath to Auricht Rd Right Side Hahndorf
Pine Av From Concrete Paved Footpath to Auricht Rd Left Side Hahndorf
Pine Av Auricht Rd to Sth Eastern Fwy Overpass Right Side Hahndorf
North Tce Cleggett Rd to Junction Rd Left Side Littlehampton
North Tce Frontage of 34 North Tce Left Side Littlehampton
West Tce Baker St to William St Left Side Littlehampton
West Tce William St to Hallett St Left Side Littlehampton
William St West Tce to Darnley St Left Side Littlehampton
Adelaide Rd Hawthorn Rd to Cherington St Left Side Mount Barker
Cameron Rd Pedestrian Crossing to #6 units Driveway Entrance Left Side Mount Barker
Dumas St Park n Ride to Wade St Left Side Mount Barker
Hale St Wellington Rd to Maldon St Right Side Mount Barker
Hampden Rd Hutchinson St to Victoria Cr Left Side Mount Barker
Hughes St 10 Hughes St to Princes Rd Left Side Mount Barker
Jubilee Cr Maldon St to Queen St Left Side Mount Barker
Kia-Ora St Gawler St to End of Street Left Side Mount Barker
Les Bell Dr Reserve 1a Les Bell Dr - Lady Bute Rd to Schaefer Ct Reserve Mount Barker
Linear Trail Hutchinson St Bridge to Homemaker Centre Bridge Reserve Mount Barker
Lorikeet Rd 17 Lorikeet Rd to Zanker Dr Right Side Mount Barker
Maldon St Hale St to Existing Concrete Footpath Right Side Mount Barker
Maldon St Wellington Rd to Paterson La Left Side Mount Barker
Maldon St Paterson La Jubilee Cr Left Side Mount Barker
Princes Rd 27 Princes Rd to Charles St Left Side Mount Barker
Wellington Rd opposite 2A Wellington Rd to Howard La Left Side Mount Barker
Wellington Rd Railway Tce to Wiland St Left Side Mount Barker
Wellington Rd Victoria St to Duffield St Left Side Mount Barker
Zanker Dr Boronia Ct to Barker Rd Left Side Mount Barker
Main Rd 91 Main Rd to Bridge St Left Side Nairne
Main Rd 104 Main Rd to opposite Bridge St Right Side Nairne
South Tce Burns St to Market Pl Left Side Nairne

Council endeavours to complete the Footpath Works Program within the indicated year, however the program can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs the affected segment will be scheduled in a future works program.

Construction Criteria

The following list of criteria and descriptions are applied to determine priorities in developing future proposed footpath construction programs within the Mount Barker District Council.

1. Significantly enhances public safety (30%)

Provision of adequate pedestrian facilities, based on a risk assessment, will significantly reduce the possibility of pedestrian - vehicle accidents e.g. in circumstances where a pedestrian has to step onto the actual road due to obstructions or topography and safe passage along the footway.

2. Provides linkage with other paths to create a network (20%) 

Throughout the district, a number of sections of footpaths are incomplete i.e. parts are yet to be constructed and do not provide a continual link for pedestrians. The installation of paths to ‘fill in’ incomplete sections will assist in providing safe routes to various facilities and services within our townships or in some cases, at least provide a continual path network that encourages a healthy lifestyle through encouraging pedestrian exercise activity.

3. Provides access to widely used public facilities (20%) 

These sections provide access to Council facilities such as recreation & sporting grounds, playgrounds, community halls, public conveniences, bus stops and links to linear trails.

4. Close proximity to pedestrian generating facilities (20%) 

Provides links to and from facilities such as Aged Care, education/schools, and shopping and tourism precincts.

5. High Visual Impact – Urban Image (10%) 

Entrances into townships may be considered for inclusion in order to enhance the visual amenity and urban image of our district. 


Other Considerations

Prone to future development works 

These sections may provide important links to the footpath network but may be deemed to be less desirable to construct in the short term due to the likelihood of development occurring that may cause damage to the new path adjacent to the works. (An example of this is Hutchinson Street, Mt Barker between Morphett and Druids on the west side were significant development is proposed to occur in relation to new shopping facilities.) In some cases the development activity may also include footpath works by the developer.

External Funding Opportunities 

Recognition that projects may be given a higher priority if external funding is available. Higher priority will be assigned to projects where the net cost is substantially reduced.

Substantial pre-planning required 

Sections of the footpath may require substantial pre-planning including but not limited to:

Community consultation

Liaison with external bodies such as Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Detailed design requirements due to service locations, drainage issues, etc.

Land acquisition


It is recommended that where footpaths do require substantial preplanning, some funding (excluding construction) be allocated the year preceding construction to allow sufficient time for the planning, service alterations, land acquisition and design to be carried out.

If you require further information, please email Council’s Assets department:


Make a request

Written requests, addressing the above relevant criteria, should be forwarded to:

Attention: Administration, Assets

Subject: Footpaths


Mail: PO Box 54, MOUNT BARKER SA 5255

Fax: 08 8391 7200 


Additional Information

There is no guarantee that requests included on the eligible applications list will be successful. Council will continue to monitor the condition of the footways and undertake maintenance as required.

The Footpath Program forms part of the Annual Capital Works Program, which is subject to public consultation as part of Council’s Annual Business Plan. This public consultation is a statutory requirement.


6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200