Where Does the Rubbish Go?

Recently the ABC aired a Four Corners program titled “Trashed: The dirty truth about your rubbish”

The Four Corners program relates to the eastern states where the environment is unique to them. 


The presenter signed off on the show by stating next time you put out your waste ask your Council what happens to it!

The program refers to waste being diverted from NSW to QLD to avoid the EPA Waste Levy. It also shows that 100,000 plus tonnes of glass is being stockpiled in warehouses because there are no viable markets. In addition it is stated that materials collected for recycling are being landfilled.

The State Government in South Australia, through the EPA, have regulations and powers on how waste must be disposed which includes penalties for illegal dumping. Of note is the “Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010” where it states that "It is an offence to dispose of materials that have been collected for recycling".

In addition, stockpiling may be considered as disposal.  The EPA have also developed “Guidelines for Stockpile Management – Waste and Waste Derived Fill for Recycling and Reuse”. It states that storage or stockpiling must be undertaken only in suitable circumstances for genuine and beneficial purposes.


How this relates to Mount Barker

Kerbside Collected General Waste (blue lid bin) – Kerbside General waste is collected by Solo Resource Recovery and is taken to a fully engineered landfill located at Brinkley (just outside of Murray Bridge). The Brinkley Waste and Recycling Facility’s Landfill is operated by the Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority on behalf of its four Member Councils (Adelaide Hills Council, Alexandrina Council, Mount Barker District Council and the Rural City of Murray Bridge).

Kerbside Collected Recycling (yellow lid bin) – Kerbside Recycling is collected by Solo Resource Recovery and taken to be processed in Adelaide. The recyclables do not go to landfill.

The glass recycling issue that exists in the eastern states does not exist in South Australia, in part due to our container deposit scheme.

Kerbside Collected Green Waste (green lid bin) – Green Waste is collected by Solo Resource Recovery and processed in Willunga where it is composted and sold to the local agriculture industry and the general public.


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