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Restricted Access and Overdimensional Vehicles Clearance Certificate

Within the Mount Barker District Council there are Federal, State, Local Government and private roads that are traversed everyday by a wide variety of vehicles. There are state regulations that apply to vehicles that don’t fit the category of General Access Heavy Vehicles and these vehicles such as cranes, B-Doubles, low loaders require a permit to do so. There are also roads that have been gazetted throughout the state that allow a certain type of vehicle such as a B-Double, controlled access bus to traverse them that don’t require a permit.

There is a two step process in order to obtain approval to access roads within the Mount Barker District Council for these types of Vehicles:

1. The first step for persons/businesses is to apply to Council through a clearance certificate (via the website) which will be assessed for approval.

2. The second step after clearance approval from Council is to forward the Council clearance to the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure for assessment in order to obtain approval and a permit.

The overall aim of both state and local governments is to provide a safer road environment for all road users, efficient operation of vehicles and the free flow of traffic without imposing undue wear and tear on the road system or damaging road infrastructure.

Restricted Access and Overdimensional Vehicles Clearance Certificate(937 kb)

Should you require further information please don’t hesitate to contact Council on 8391 7200. 


6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200